Alignment is to Artists what Diamond is to Coal

November 2023

From what I've found, some artists think that they are very good. And on top of that, they really want to do very, very good stuff - global standard stuff.

Usually, these artists ARE good. When you are so convinced that you're good, it doesn't come from nowhere. It's because you are.
They're not the delusional type.

But they're not the "easy" artist type either - who releases songs casually and pretty consistently.
No. Because they know they have something big to play.
And it's of prominent importance for them.

So for years, they're not able to produce and release music without huge pain or emotional rollercoasters.

But only at first!
They genuinely want to be "easy" artists. And they're striving for it.

They have to find the inner configuration, the position within themselves for that.
Aligning their inner components, like diamond:
Diamond is made of carbon atoms, like coal, but is transparent because its carbon atoms are so aligned that the light can pass through.

When they finally find that configuration, you can see it on their face. Their whole attitude changes. They're version 2.0.
That's the moment they decide to assertively show themselves to the world, with confidence.
Knowing that they made it.

But not in the way you think :

For them, the battle never was to find a big audience.

This battle is about to take place, now.
And it's gonna be nothing in comparison to the battle they've just won :

Overcoming the misalignment that was preventing the light they receive to come through, consistently and unaltered.

(By the way, they've always known not to engage in the other battle of the century: the "optimize your posts to get traction" battle... An illusion where souls get lost [1] .)

And these artists make it.
This time, in the way you think.

All this time, they were not hiding. They were not failing.
This, is what their social circle started to think a few years before their eclosion.

But no, they were not lost. They never quitted. Their journey is just impossible for others to understand.
Because this alignment they had to make had to be close to perfect, because the volume of light that wants to pass through them is so huge and bright that the tiniest shift in the alignement would clog up the whole diamond immediately.
A part of the artist is in the sky constantly, manipulating non-matter. Alone, on an untrackable path that people around him will never get.

This type of artists don't need to work on their music as everybody tells them to do ("hustle culture bro").
They need to work on themselves, their inner self.
And the trap there - you spend years in this trap - is to think "hustling" when working on yourself.

Because what you're looking for is the opposite:

The means can't be contrary to the destination. (See Red becomes redder, not suddenly green)

To reach the Alignment, you're gonna need to elevate your feelings, elevate yourself by reaching for better and better emotions. Reaching for the feelings of peace, fulfillment, being spoiled, serenity, faith, relaxation, joy, appreciation, the feeling of your music completely out and making you proud.
That's how you produce real internal change.


[1] In fact, people perceive the value you give to yourself - all your external world does.
They perceive that you think your art doesn't cut through enough, so that you depend on the look of your post.
No. Do the Alignment work.
To the point where you're so happy with how the Source is flowing through you, so confident in the quality of your work, that you don't give any importance to how your posts look anymore.
You know that you can come up with thousands of versions of any post. And that the value of your work will be perceived in each and everyone of them .