Green Becomes Greener, Not Suddenly Red

January 2024

I know there's this common myth in the worklife:
"I need to endure this - that I don't like - for a couple years so that I can then get there", whatever the "there" is - usually a "manager" type of thing.

How on earth do you think this new thing will feel radically different than the one you're disliking at the moment?
It's either what you've already been doing but at a higher level, either super closely similar to it in its flesh.
Because otherwise, there wouldn't be an existing bridge between the two in the World of Things. [1.a]

When you're doing something that feels X, you're always heading on a branch feeling X.
If you switch now for something feeling better (go!), you'll now be heading on a branch that feels better.
And it can't be other than a different branch.
Changing for something feeling different now WILL change the branch you're heading on. 'Cause each branch progresses in feeling even more like how it already feels.
You cannot hope to change the feeling while staying on the branch, or later on the branch.

It would be like saying you're aiming for a "red" feeling farther on the "green-and-only-getting-greener-feeling" branch.
It's absurd. [1.b]
It only gets greener and greener. Not suddenly red.

So stop fearing the branch change.
Fear the bad or average-feeling life instead.

Because no, it can't be "worse".
You often hear this blockage from people facing a life decision, which settles them for misalignment:
"The new thing can be worse, you know, what I've got now is not that bad..."

Man, the world is not an ocean full of shit where you had the chance to have a place on an broken raft.
The world is not hostile.
Although I know that's how 90% of the people think. But that's making such a huge and life-impairing mistake about probabilities: natural distributions are gaussians.
At every moment in your life, there's as many worse-feeling things available to you as there are better-feeling ones.
It's 50-50, not 90-10!
It's just a 1 chance out of 2 game. Feeling more aligned or less aligned.
And the ONLY way to lose this - yet easy - game is not knowing how to choose.
Pondering the wrong unreal reasons.
Forgetting the only right and real one:

Life is an everyday.
When you choose a life, choose an everyday.

Not a point somewhere on some virtual projections that don't exist, sounding like:
"At one point on the way, I'll be able to become this or that, to afford this or that, to have this or that opportunity and then..."
Stop stop stop stop stop...
What is it that you will be DOING all day?
That's the only parameter of choice!
Your life is your everyday. And every day of your everyday is an eternal doing in the now.

So choose something you like the doing more. [2]


[1.a] For the fundamental difference between the World of Things (WOT) and the World of Feelings (WOF), see The Path of Excitement.
2 things close to each other in the WOT are as close in feelings in the WOF. But 2 feelings close to each other in the WOF can correspond to 2 super distant things in the WOT.
We navigate in the WOT but all we want is moving in the WOF.

[1.b] Again, things on a branch in the WOT wouldn't be chained to each other if they weren't close to each other in the WOT.
And things that are close in the WOT are close in feelings in the WOF.

[2] I know that sometimes you have to choose wether or not to jump without knowing what feels best.
If you don't know, it's because these are in fact 2 similar things.
Thus the same feeling.
You probably had this idea or opportunity when feeling the same way as usual. Thus receiving ideas and opportunities feeling this same way.
So if you're facing a life decision where no branch feels clearly better than the other, it's because it's the same branch. Whether you jump or not won't change the way you feel, so no need to torture yourself.
Elevate your emotions instead, receive new ideas and opportunities and then jump on these ones.
They'll be radically different from the ones you're used to.
And they will transform your life and correspond to a new everyday-feeling.