It's Just a Switch To Make

December 2023

Becoming able to follow what feels good can take a little while when you've been following, taking orders, all day-every day of what you have to do.
Always outsourcing the decision.
And it can be scary for most people to apparently have no things "externally set" for them. They can feel lost.
But that's only because they're looking at the same old screen not giving instructions anymore.

Change your mode.
What do you feel like doing?

That's actually the compass encoded in your being (and every being) since the Creation.
Do you truly think the universe has waited for society to exist for its beings to know what they have to do?
That beings are clueless and motionless as long as they don't have a someone telling them what to do?
Thinking we're born without a guidance system is really out of touch with reality.

But oh...
I see...

"My guidance system tells me to do things that are futile or incoherent and that don't make money. It's not possible for me to follow my built-in compass."

Do you truly think that the recently added layer of society outpowers how the universe works?
Does the concrete really prevent the tree from growing?

One should simply stop focusing on money for a while. And on knowing how the next step is gonna look like. [1]
Actually, it's not just about the next step. You're even asking about the next 6-7 steps..!
That's impossible, it does not exist yet. The universe has not expanded to these steps yet.
But again, do you truly think that your built-in compass has been so poorly made that it doesn't take into account its environment? When it IS what the compass is?

Just have a little bit more trust!
And you can. You're actually trusting a lot of things everyday. Especially when you know their functionning.
Some things simply function the way they function, right?
Your heart beats, it's the way it is. You're not asking every moment to know about the next 7 beats.

Well, it's the same with life.
It functions one feel-good beat at a time.


[1] If you follow your built-in compass - the path of excitement - money will come at one point on the way. But after 1-2 steps you'll rapidly realize you don't even think about it anymore because you're happy