The Path of Excitement

December 2023

Do you remember a moment in your life where you were very excited about something?

This can be an insignificant project at school, something you did once with a friend...
Or even a conference you attended.

Well, it was not just a random moment, standing out joyously from the others with no meaning.
Not a random pulse of endorphines by your still-developping teenager brain.
At this moment, you were on Your Path.

Now, when was the last time in your life that you felt that way?
It may be years...

Can you believe that...

Now, imagine a life where you have this feeling everyday, all day.
Feels like a dream, right?
Well, it is. It is Your Dream.
The dream is not a final place. It's a state that makes you wander continuously through an infinite number of places feeling this way.

And those places will pass through various fields, seen as "different" from each other according to society's labels.
Even "incoherent" or "all over the place".
But that's ok.
In fact, how could that not be?
It's ok that humans made categories from things that are sort of "near" to each other in the World of Things.

But you're living in the World of Feelings.

Don't look for "coherence" in the World of Things when you're living in the World of Feelings.

What feels good to you doesn't know the separation that society does between groups of things.
In the World of Feelings, they're all in the same group: what feels good to you.

So labels can vary, will vary. But you'll stay focused on the same good-feeling path, all the way, not getting distracted or dragged out of it.
There is no better definition of "coherence" than that. [1]

Now, if all of this feels true but light years away from how you've been doing life for years, don't panick:
the dream path does not get farther away because you spend a long time away from it.
It's not a long gone boat now sailing away in the ocean, without you, because you missed the departure.
No, the boat is always available.
There's a departure every Now.

Just start doing one thing a day that feels good for no reason.

And then, listen to the new good-feeling idea that'll pop up while doing it. And do this one next.

And repeat that.

And repeat that again.

And again.

And again.


[1] Actually, as additional proof, that's even precisely the moment where your physiology is the most prone to cardiac "coherence" - the state where your Heart Rate Variability decreases (heart, brain, lungs and overall physiology functionning in "sync")