Doing - Now - Something You Like

For an in-depth understanding, see You Are a Pipe, where I develop what I think is the best analogy for human life .

December 2023

Desiring a 3D - i.e. life conditions - is the wrong way to go.

Despite being how everybody goes about their life.

It's outsourcing your happiness, thinking that things can change your default internal state.
No thing does that.
And your real goal is precisely changing your inner default mood. To one of awe, satisfaction, fulfillment, excitement, love, serenity, fullness.
Overflowing fullness.

But you're so caught up in your mind that you've actually fuuuully engaged in this "design" task - designing a 3D - completely forgetting that life is about:

Doing things that you like in the eternal Now. (And I don't mean watching screens. "Doing" here is meant in its actual active meaning...)

Happiness, excitement, comes from within. Never from the outside.

Pleasure from external things is just you thinking pleasant thoughts about these things.
But things are things. Pleasure from things is pleasure from thoughts.
And aiming for pleasure from thoughts is actually aiming for very low. Leaving no wonder why so many people feel empty inside.

Because pleasure from thoughts - about things, in your present or future life conditions - is just a particular type of pleasure.
And that type is very, very shallow. Though it is the most frequent one in many people's life so they think it's the only one.
You'll never experience fullness from it (it really is just a pulse of pleasant thoughts at the mind level), it doesn't fill you up from inside, it cannot rearrange your internal state for a happier one - which is what you want.
And, if it wasn't enough already, it cannot be triggered more than a few times by the same thing.

Really, happiness is not in pleasure from thoughts. Happiness is not a thought, how pleasing a thought could be.

Happiness is a state.

A state [1] of doing now (often making) something you like, that excites you + filling your day with moments you like + building deep, pure relationships with like-minded individuals.

And when pleasure from thoughts arises - and it will, because an aligned life creates an abundance of things - you enjoy it, of course!
But you enjoy it only for what it is: something cool but shallow, limited and never transformative.
Something that is certainly not worth being chased.
Nor asked for what it cannot give.
Something that is the consequence of an aligned life. Never a cause.
When it arises, it's just a cool bonus.


"OK but if I'm not navigating through life aiming for a 3D I designed, and I just do what I like at every moment... am I not going to lose myself and end nowhere?"
No, on the contrary. Optimizing on the feeling instead of optimizing on the life conditions assures you precisely to get life conditions tailored for you - which is rarely the case with the 3D that you designed for yourself with your super limited mind.
Also, you enjoy every step of the way - which, this time, is never the case with the 3D that you designed for yourself.
Quite the opposite, actually.
I make a practical comparison of these two ways of going about life here : Going about life with the Mind vs. Feeling.


[1] conduced by and conducive to