Life with Mind vs. Feeling

December 2023

A practical comparison of going about life with the Mind vs. going about life with the Feelings.

Going about life with your Mind:
- several steps planned ahead + every branch scenario planned as well
- stressed out all the way
- if you get it, you're more relieved than actually happy
- if you don't, you endured this stress to finally get nothing in the end. (Thinking that usually contributes to the stress itself.)
- you discarded other appealing opportunities along the way to stick to your uncertain plan
- You're possibly disappointed in the end, even if you succedded, realizing that this thing you wished for doesn't actually suit you. That your mind projections were wrong. [1]
- You're certainly disappointed in the end, even if you succeeded, realizing that this thing you thought would change your internal state doesn't - when it's the only thing you want. [2]

Going about life with your Feelings:
- one step at a time, each step contains a pointer to the next (important to know for you to take the leap)
- joyful all the way since each step is a "place" you felt enthusiastic about going
- the far in the future "there" - getting "there", you know! - loses its meaning. You're already good. So you're already "there". And you're staying "there" all the way. This future "there" will just be another exciting step on the way, like all the previous ones. You really understood that this "there" is every moment when you do/follow what feels good. You dispelled the illusional need for completion and you act now out of fullness.
- you can't be disappointed. If one step doesn't "work" for any reason, you're anyway completely open to other endless good-feeling opportunities at each step. Since it IS how you're navigating life.
- whatever happens, you're super happy about the journey so far since it was all exciting steps all the way.
- you can't end up somewhere you don't like since you decide at every step to go for what you like. On the contrary, you'll even progress more and more into things you like: because green becomes greener, not suddenly red.


[1] Because the mind chases status, life conditions, whereas life is an everyday Doing. [2] But no thing does that. That's why living a life on the mode of "chasing things" is doomed to dissatisfaction. Plus there's no need to do that in the first place since you're already complete.