The 'Second' Awakening

January 2024

You're feeling incomplete, that's true.
The feeling is real.

But the fact that you're incomplete is not.

Once you disconstruct the illusion of incompleteness by shutting the Mind and land in the Present, the sadness rooted in this erroneous illusion that "something's missing" now disappears and you know one of the greatest moment of your life.

A profound sense of completeness, sufficiency.
And a little bit of gentle amusement towards yourself: "Wait what ? What was I so silly to think all this time??".
You're bombarded by all the pleasures that the Now is continuously throwing at you.
You realize that all your "desires" have vanished.
Because, in fact, you didn't need them. You don't need anything.
You're already complete.
Nothing's missing.
You focus only on deep and meaningful stuff now.
Your life has lost an immense part of its suffering.


Does it imply that you navigate through life with extatic joy and enthusiasm now?
Chances are that not yet.
Some awakened people experience the following process: "Yes, I'm complete, I'm enough, I'm happy. I don't need anything. But what do I DO now?
I can stare at trees in profound calm but I suspect there's something more to life."

This usually rings the come-back of their Mind. And they return to the false incompleteness but real sadness.

Indeed, awakening to the completeness, the only What-is, the present moment is HUGE. A much needed process. Essential.
But it's a suppressive process.
Suppressing the suffering.

It can be absolutely be enough for many people.
But we're reaching for the stars here of what human existence has to offer.

I use to say that the Awakening of Completeness takes you from whatever underground parking level - can be -1 to -infinite - to surface level.
But it doesn't make you take off and fly into the sky from +1 to +infinite.
You need the Awakening of Enthusiasm for that. [1]

I humbly think this piece is not talked about enough in the current state of spiritual teachings.
I spent years looking for this last piece of the puzzle and here it is:

In this state of presence, mental spaciousness, listen carefully:
You're receiving orders of what to do.

It continuously pops up in your mind as things you feel enthusiastic about doing for no reason!
Follow that. Beyond rationality.
Now that you've shut the mind, the Source can finally flow through you unobstructed.
And this is what will give you movement, will have you do plenty of things with infinite energy, will set you in motion.
An unstoppable motion of extatic joy. [2]
Never, in your life, had you ever done so many things.

In other simple words: "Follow what feels good".
This type of "good" is the reward that Nature has put on the map when you behave like She wants you to. [3]

Indeed, the Universe is expanding through you in its human form.
Following what creates a spark in your soul is the human version of the Path of Least Resistance that the Universe is already taking for its expansion in all other life forms.
You are no exception.


[1] This is the "second" Awakening, "after" the awakaning of Completeness. Second in the sense that it's practical to see them as two, not that one comes before the other. Their order is interchangeable. In fact, they're the two sides of the same coin.

[2] "Extatic" is precisely the right word since it contains the idea of a movement from the inside out.

[3] Like with every other behavior that Nature wants you to honor. Pleasure during sex is the first that comes to mind: Nature wants you to reproduce the species so there's a big pleasure for you here.