Find your Happiness in the Doing and You'll Be Unstoppable

January 2023

Find your happiness in the doing and you'll be unstoppable. [1]

Doing what sets your soul on fire makes you switch from the "Get" mode to the "Give Birth" mode. [2]

You don't need anything, look for anything, expect anything.

You found your joy in the Doing and it fills you up 100%.

And you're the only one holding the keys.

You possess all the ingredients. Nothing is missing.

It's crazy, right? Just to think about it.
It seems so impossible when you've spent all your life is the vain "Get" mode.
Now, it's like you want to be filled... while possessing the source.
So you just fill yourself.
Like, it's a done deal.

You're auto-sufficient.


Doing: meaning doing what sets your soul on fire. Doesn't have to be an existing human defined "category". It's actually following your enthusiasm. And it'll be cross-category.

Unstoppable: not in the sense of "achieving something great" since you won't look for that anymore.
You don't "look for" anything since you're happy now.
There's nothing to complete, achieve or "get".
Unstoppable in the sense of moving forward in extatic joy, doing what excites you for the sake of doing it. Precisely because doing it excites you.
Expanding. Doing/making/giving birth to so much stuff in every aspect of your life.
With nothing or no one able to stop or restrain you.
You'll also precisely achieve the greatest things you've ever achieved. But as a byproduct.

The "Give Birth" mode can feel like a "Let" mode: you "let" things you're enthusiastic about happen through you.
Because when you follow enthusiasm, it's as if these things actually give birth to themselves simply using your hands to do so: you exactly know what to do like you're remotely controled (you never use your strategizing Mind) + it doesn't take any energy. Even after hours or days of frenetic Doing.
On the contrary, it even gives you energy! Like a pipe getting electrified by the torrent passing through.