Life Orgasm

January 2024

When you don't know if you ever had one...
you hadn't.

It's the same with life when not knowing if you "want" to do something or not.
If you wanted to, you'd know it.

But when you spend years not doing anything that excites you, that makes you feel enthusiastic, you forget that there are things that actually DO set your soul on FIRE.
And deciding becomes incredibly difficult, because it's all between things that don't spark anything in you.

Whereas if you work on reconnecting to your enthusiasm, you (re)discover what it is and that it can't go unnoticed.
Then, decisions become incredibly easy, painless and immediate again: you always know if it's there or not.
You remembered orgasms.

But the story of many people's lives is restraining this enthusiasm, not following it by fear.
Fear, here, being the word for "not being able to see in advance the next steps".

And that's such a shame because so many lives refuse their calling this way...
They don't dare to jump and see that life works differently from what the mind had envisionned:
You first need to do the step and then the Universe adapts.

That's what the mind gets so wrong about life. And why it's so not suited to navigate through it:
You can't predict the second step because your reality and opportunities will be different after the first one.

The parameters of decision will be renewed.

Whereas your mind assumes you'll be the same as you are now - situation, resources - after each step.
Your mind, thinking so high of himself, is bound to the Now like everything else.
And he's tricking you into thinking about a succession of 7 steps, when all he does is copy-pasting 7 times the same first step.

Things will happen in your life when you fiercely do your first feel-good step!
You'll be bombarded with new ideas, perspectives, opportunities and encounters.

Second step will be a whole other story.
Another day.