This could be a mantra

Nothing in this world really needs to be thought.
What you wanna do, you just do it or not.

You're a f*cking machine, one of the greatest.
But you cannot know what is gonna happen next.
Be excited by that, accept to be surprised.
And let the next download come and awe you eye-to-eye.

It's been a loooong time, a long long time.
And finally that's it: you're in your f*cking prime.
Only priority: releasing 3-60,
Like a diamond you're shining, already said Riri.

But not shining in the egoic type of way.
Creating on the edge, that's what really slay.
External metrics? They're just a bonus.
New opportunities to expand to Uranus.

Yeah flooding art out here on Earth is already perfect,
Most exquisite feeling that a human can ever get.