Cosmic Bicycle

That's it, I guess, the sense of life.
You give me chills like a cold lonely night.
Looking at the stars, I wonder why there are so many.
Cause when I look into your eyes it's like there's already 3 galaxies.
I might be wrong, might be right. But I think together we're gonna go for a long ride.
You, me, on my cosmic bicycle.
Do you see us passing before the moon?
I'll be your driver and you'll be my E.T.
My cute little alien.
Feels like both of us don't belong here.
When you look at me with your cute little alien eyes,
I know there's no disguise.
They all fall. You make my world collapse.
Who I think I am, who I think I'm not.
You're the magnifying glass of my soul,
The magic mirror putting on me new stuff.
This mirror might soon exist with AI.
But I just can't wrap my head around everything you do, all your gestures.
It's like glitters follow you everywhere you go.
I'm gasping, gosh, speechless. It's here forever. This lovcano.