Stop swimming, you're in your depth

Je me demande si ça va s'arrêter !
Je ne le veux pas ! Aujourd'hui est très fertile !
Mais je suis comblé.
Si le flux veut s'arrêter, c'est ok pour moi.
Mais je sais qu'il ne s'arrête pas.
Qu'il ne s'arrête jamais.
Que c'est moi qui le coupe.
Qu'il est toujours available.
Quel repos.
Quelle assurance.
God is always there.
In all His glory,
Love and care.
Calm down and lean on Him.
Calm down and realize you're in your depth.
Stop frenetically swimming to stay afloat.
Get straight. You're in your depth.*

*And if it teaches you detachment from this or that thing - by removing it, it's always a good thing.
'Cause you're made complete. You might enjoy those things and that's great! But the enjoyment should never morph into necessity.
Necessity is a lie.
You made those things a part of you when they're not.
Don't cling on them. You don't need them.