Fractal breathing

Let's go for a ride,
Let's go for a write.
Your mood will change,
As does sunlight.
It's like breathing,
You expand, you retract.
But there's no right way to do it,
You breathe in, you breathe out.
Really, you always win, 'cause it just happens.
The foundation of your being is a tide, like a moon and its oceans.

And that's actually beautiful.
Living in cycles.
Cycles are encoded everywhere
But we override them.

We forget about them.
Eating fruits and vegetables available all year long,
How's the body supposed to understand to what part of the year they belong?

Winter is prone to hibernation.
In all species, it's the time when you slow down, spare energy, stay warm.
The time when you retract and turn the attention inward.
Then Spring introduces you to Summer
And all the attention turns back to the exterior.

Which is basically night time followed by day time.

A year is a big day.

Retraction-expansion cycles within retraction-expansion cycles within...

Life is a fractal breathing.