The Prison is Man-made

November 2023

Many of us start in life within the same prison :

"I need money and a sense of belonging so I don't go for what I genuinely want. Probably later."

Surely never.

One must realize that this prison is man-made.
It has been man-made by former humans, for future humans.
It's an organization of society.

How dare they?

Well, this complaint is totally legitimate - though one understands easily why society turned that way.

But you CAN disagree with these initial conditions.
You were born in the universe, on Earth. Not in this made-up societal added layer. You didn't choose that. It's not a given like Nature is, this is completely artificial.
And the other human beings living simultaneously on earth with you right now - your contemporaries - are nobody to tell you what to do.
They have no right to infringe on your time-limited existence.

Ok, so I'm gonna tell the world: "I have a limited time here, you know, so I really expect to live life on my terms. I won't make a mess, I promise, but just let me live the way I see it. 'Cause right now : YOU are messing up with my sovereign rights, as a child of the Universe with a time-limited existence."

Well... Such a plea, sadly, has no effect - despite being, once again, totally legitimate. [1] .

Realistically, it is true that you have to find a way out of the default starting mode that other generations of human beings have chosen for you before you were born.
You can't just walk away.

One must realize that this prison is man-made.
It has been man-made by former humans, for future humans:

Water, food and habitat were once free for all.
They required energy, for sure, but not 40 hours + commute. [2]
That's why it's really not OK to not like what you're doing.
And if you're stuck there and feel miserable, be kind to yourself : it's normal to feel that way.
The default starting mode (the man-made prison) has replaced natural aspirations with made-up ones.
It's normal to not feel good when you don't play by the rules that your mind and body were designed for.

Society's rules are not universal laws.

You act by the first but you function by the second.

Don't accept the narrative. You don't have to sign for that.
Don't accept the man-made prison that your contemporaries are trying to enforce on you.

And it starts with the mind.

Thinking of a way out is the first step of the way out and 10% of the feeling of the way out.


[1] I'm not arguing against the concept of society. Individuals need to adapt to society for it to work. Not the other way around. And we want society to work. However, when societal paradigms are mistaken for universal laws, society starts to legislate and function against alternative paths. Wiping them out of the realm of possibility, both in practice and in people's mind. And this is bad.

[2] And also saw societal dynamics emerge right away, of course. I'm not making the point that societal norms are inherently bad. See note [1].