People Get Sick Not Following Their Passion

January 2023

People get sick - mentally and physically - because they spend their life resisting their heart.

Because of the prison they lock themselves in:

- working at a job that tells you what to do every second, things that you clearly wouldn't have done naturally if you hadn't ceded your sovereignty of action.
Without noticing, that's training yourself everyday more and more to not listen to what your own boss is saying: your Heart.
That's how society breaks people.
That's how you retrieve your bubbly, colorful friend from your master's degree completely dull and grey after 3 years in the worklife.

Of course, I know: there's this strong belief that you "have" to work to "make money".
The problem is not making money.
It's that it feels like "work".
An aligned life creates money in ways you can't expect. That's what they say by "I never work, I'm doing what I love."
Or the eternal "You gotta follow your passion".

But the obstacle all people get stuck with is that the "passion" doesn't need to be defined with a labelized category.
Like "actor", "musician" or "doctor".
Your passion at every instant will lead you to different things.
And the thread of these things, once you'll look back, will hardly fall into 1 category.
It will borrow to dozens.
But it is still following your passion.

Following your passion is not following a thing, it's following a FEELING.

That's why looking for more and more free time when entering spirituality is #1 priority.
Because you want to reconnect to your own built-in guidance, your inner "engine" of actions.
What feels exciting to do.

What seems to do itself by itself because it feels like you just let it pour out of you.
Not the external "engine" of actions: a boss or a chase for an external thing.
These two are, in fact, not even "engines".
It's just you being pulled towards things, tossed around, because you're not grounded enough in your Excitement to realize that you don't desire those things.
To feel as the deepest truth that no "gotten" thing will ever compare to the joy of doing now the exciting actions dictated by your heart.

- because of themselves, devaluating themselves, overwhelmed by fear of losing what they, yet, don't need.

Except for basic needs, you don't need anything else, once again, than doing what your enthusiasm tells you to do.
But I know this conclusion sounds woo-woo and idealistic when you haven't come to it yourself.
Because you think that not desiring anything anymore equates to settling for the bare minimum and being socially downgraded.
When it is the exact opposite: you'll never get a life as wonderfully abundant in every regard (materially, in terms of relationships, opportunities, amazing moments...etc) as once you'll experience the awakening of completeness.
This is one of the most beautiful step on the journey.


Concerning the physical health side of things: once you go through the awakening of completeness and start following your passion, all the tension drops.
And you realize how MUCH tension you were holding into your body even when you thought you were not anxious person.
Imagine: you've thought all your life that something important was missing. You were stressed out, scared the whole time.
Whereas now your shoulders drop, your shoulder blades loosen up, your jaw relaxes, your skin gets better, you don't experience fatigue anymore...etc.
That's the overall inflammation in the body that decreases greatly.
There's no tension anywhere anymore since you stopped looking for something missing anymore.
You found it in yourself. It was always there. You simply reconnected to how life is supposed to be lived as a piece of the universe in its human life form.