The Collaborative Museum

January 2023

Many options, things, paths are proposed to you.

But they're proposed to you to take something from you.

Your most valuable asset: time and potential of action.

It takes quite a while and courage to understand you're born in a shop with thousands of products - material things or pre-existing paths suggested for you to take - but you don't have to buy one.

More: you shouldn't buy one.

Open your jacket and discover you have everyting it takes to create one.

And to add it to the shop.

Because, in fact, it's not a shop.

You interpreted it that way - and were encouraged to. [1]

But that's not a shop. That's a museum.

You're not looking to take things in a museum.

More precisely, it's a collaborative museum:

You're supposed to create your thing and add it to the collection.


[1] You're clearly bombarded with a "menu" of things and paths and everyone inciting you to choose stuff in it.