Guidance is in the Stream of Well-Being

December 2023

It really is just a question of where you focus your attention:

- either on the constant stream of Well-Being that can guide you at every moment

- either on the mess of thoughts that stands exactly between you and this stream. And that you 100% make up.

Second option is understandable when you still think that your mind can bring you your dream life, lead you to live truly amazing moments, that it's basically the right tool to navigate through life.
But once you discover that it is incredibly suboptimal, does none of the above and, in fact, is harmful as soon as you apply it outside of endogeneous tasks like counting or solving equations, it's not understandable anymore - basically the guy has been acting wayyy out of his realm of expertise since you were born.

Because that's what gotta be understood about this always-available stream of Well-Being.
It's not just that feeling good is always available when you shut your mind - which it is - as if you were the destination, end-point, of this stream of Well-Being.
You are not. That's a stream.
Meaning it passes through you, going for an infinite, never-existing end-point.
And that's what is really amazing about this:
Not only feeling good is always available when shutting your mind, guidance also is.

By passing through you, the stream reveals a path in front of you. Just before your eyes.
You are in the middle of a river. That you just need to follow.
Meaning you always know what to do next.
It's what feels good to do next. [1]

That's jumping in the current.


[1] Or what feels just slightly better if you're still ramping up your emotional state.
And if you start from very low, don't worry about not being able to think of any action that would feel good for now. Just go for something that offers a little bit of relief (addictions not included if possible). That's the way to go to work your way up the emotional scale. Then you'll go for what feels undoubtedly good and exciting.