The Life of an Artist is so Exciting

November 2023

Once you understand

that you've got to make a point of honour to stay afloat,

to keep up with the rythm of ideas by any means,

to store the least you can and release as soon as you receive,

to never accept any excuses for clogging the pipe,

your whole life becomes a never-ending blissful surprise.

You don't know where it's gonna go. You can't predict it.
You're just excited to see where and how you're gonna expand even more.
Letting the Source, that is already filling you up from the inside to the brim, overflow into unique Beings.

The artist has this immense privilege of being the first in the world to witness their beauty.
Because they've just arrived.
They didn't exist 1 hour earlier. They've just come into flesh through the artist's hands, replaying again and again the original Happening of matter.

You become addicted to the next download.