Just Try

January 2024

Don't desire anything else than what is.

Don't worry, this won't make you settle for rags and dirt.

On the contrary, this will in fact precisely get you what you want.
One of the biggest illusions in life is to think you need to despise your reality in order to change it.
When appreciating it 100% will lead you to the most life-transforming actions you've ever taken.

You despise it? Then you'll despise it.
You love it? Then you'll love it.
Because there's only (the Eternal) Now.
And this doesn't mean becoming delusional:
I promise you your 3D will change for a 3D you love as soon as you start to love it.
This is the joke in life.

All that the Universe responds to is your charge.
Emotional charge.
And he expects you to realize this.
He's even surprised that you still haven't discovered it.
That feeling bad/good lead to actions, thoughts and events feeling the same.
If you feel like everyday, today will be the same as yesterday.

So reach now both externally (actions) and internally (thoughts) for what feels better.
Ramping up your emotional charge is always 100% in your hands.
Engage with stuff that feels good. And realize thoughts are not truths. Never.
They're just the consequence of how you feel.
Engage only with those that feel good.
No bad-feeling thought needs to be dug up or solved.[1]

Ask yourself how the person you wanna be feels everyday. And assume you feel that way.
You'll be surprised of how much, in fact, you create your charge.
Decreeing it.
You were just not allowing yourself to feel the feeling you want to feel because you were waiting for an external permission.
You have the complete catalog of feelings inside of you.
You are able to generate any of them since all feelings imaginable are always generated by you.
No exception made for the ones you think you need external green lights - achievements, life conditions - to start to generate.

Allow yourself to feel the feelings that the person you want to be feels everyday.
And 3D will change as a confirmation. It is never a cause.

Try it! You have nothing to lose. See it as a game!
Pretend for a day that you're exactly the person you want to be.
How does it feel?
See how it changes all the decisions you take, attitude you entertain, every second of your day.

Back home at night: congratulations, you just lived a day in the reality you've always wished for.
Because the reality you've ever wished for has always been a wish for a feeling.
Things being just symbols, signals, green lights to generate this feeling.
But containing none of it.


[1] Unless it's a bad-feeling thought that really keeps coming back over and over again. Then, it's an automatic thought and you change it with self-awareness and replacement-thought practicing.