Content Consumption Blocks Creativity

Content consumption blocks creativity.

You can't put things out while putting things in.

And I see those coming : "it inspires me to consume content."

What a mistake. It doesn't “inspire” you. You're doing a collage. You're mimicking it. Assembling parts of it.
The mind can't create. [1]
It can only do lifeless patchworks.

Having a mind approach to creativity is precisely what creativity is not.
Thinking inspiration comes from already existing beings is thinking the face of your child is inspired by the faces of the children you've seen in your life.


At best you'll do a Pinocchio, a wooden sculpture of a child, a 3D print, but not a living child. [2]

A living child comes already done, complete, you just gotta birth it.
You don't need to think it or assemble it. It comes with its own perfect articulation. Because it's living, vibrant.
It's what life does. It's organizes things into living. In a way you could never do.
That's why you don't wanna change the structure of an arrived being.
Indeed, there's no need to continue with the child analogy to understand that... "reassembling" after birth is killing.

No, living beings leave no choice about their structure. They come with it.
Because that's what makes them alive.
Like an articulated speech when you're really saying something.
Like writing.
Like writing an essay on a blank HTML page without any page layout.
It needs to flow.
I've now learned to stop at the slightest bottleneck.
Cause when the mind starts to take the relay, doing its "assemblage" work, it's never good. It's lifeless.
And painful for the writer.
And it takes time. [3]
Whereas inspired work is the best you can do, the easiest and the fastest.
You don't obviously know where to go next? Stop.
Don't buy into the narrative of “forcing”.
Why force? You don't need aything. You're already complete.
If it doesn't come, do what comes!

EDIT: I've described how mind endeavour is not creative work. Now, about the "blocking" caused by content consumption:
You wanna be able to hear those beings asking for existence, arriving in sudden ideas or bursts of enthusiam for a project, taking "possession" of you.
You need to make space for that. Space to receive and create from the inside-out.
The more content you consume, the more you put yourself in "outside-in" mode (can be videos, images, news, podcasts, others' work - every content).
Which is contrary to the internal stance you want for creativity to happen.
Furthermore, your head becomes saturated by content. And that is all the more food for your mind to start its compulsive patchwork attempts of creativity.
And this takes up a lot of space. And this manages to trick you into engaging with it...
Blocking the arrival of real Art.
Like big rocks covering a geyser.
Starve your mind of content. You won't miss this drug.


[1] Disruption, innovation is exactly what the mind is designed against.
It's your animal, social brain. Conformative, mimicking, people-pleasing, risk-averse, afraid of novelty, designed to conserve, protect from "dangerous" change.

[2] Put differently, "creating" with the mind is mistaking where and what the clay is. It's doing matter from matter.
When creation is birthing non-matter into matter.
The clay is cosmic.
That's where those striking pieces you wanna “get inspired from” were inspired. They were not inspired by other pieces.

[3] Really, if I can spare you from falling into this trap of "forcing", that is rooted in misplaced expectations on your work (itself rooted in the illusion of need), you'll literally save years of cumulated working hours.
Years. When the Inspiration (Enthusiasm) switch to something else, follow Her and do that something else.
But don't force, don't let the mind take the relay on a project that the Inspiration left.